Simple Savings Hacks

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Think you know all the savings hacks there are? THINK AGAIN! We all can get into a rhythm of savings habits - but don't lose out on saving money because you're complacent in your day-to-day routine. The days of only clipped newspaper coupons are behind us friends! Switch it up and check out these 5 simple savings hacks!

1. Ebates browser extension

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When you add this extension to your internet browser you don’t have to search for or remember to add on discounts at check out. The little Ebates Rakuten box will pop up at the top of your browser and ask if you want to activate whatever discounts are available. Once your rebate clears you can easily transfer the money you’ve saved into your bank account to save, pay towards debt, or use as fun money! In the 2 years that I’ve been using Ebates I’ve earned $168! …and did I mention it’s insanely simple to use!?!

>> If you want to try Ebates Rakuten for yourself please use my link so I can earn a $25 referral credit!

2. Discounted gift card through

Raise offers Physical + Electronic Gift Cards at a discount, so make sure to pay attention to what type of card you're buying. The physical cards will have to be mailed to you, so you'll probably want to look for eGift least that’s what I prefer. Do a quick search to see if there’s any gift cards available for the store you’re shopping at. They usually have a good selection of cards for places like Old Navy, Target, Lowes, and other big name stores.

For example: They’ll have a $50 Old Navy gift card available for 12% off, meaning you’ll only pay $43.99 for a card that’s worth $50!

If you buy an electronic card it’ll be emailed to you immediately after the purchase and then you can either copy + paste the card numbers into your online checkout page or print them to pay in the store. Most gift cards are discounted 5%-25%...this tip saves me a ton every year!


3. Deals on Groupon

I used to be skeptical about the deals on Groupon, but man you can find some good deals on there! You can find discount offers on online products and local experiences.

Online products include Baby + Kid supplies, Clothing, Household items, Tech gadgets, and so many other things! I’m talking like 20%-40% off strollers, 30% off FitBits, and so many deals on fashion items.

And then there’s local deals…and obviously each area will be different, but with just a quick search in Houston, for example, I found tons of great discounts. You could save 40% on two hours of bowling, 52% on a 60-minute massage, or over 50% on a haircut. You can easily search by zip code or city name to find the best deals near you!

>> Side note: Ebates usually will pop with additional savings offers while shopping on Groupon!

4. Cash back through ibotta


This app is super easy to use! All you have to do is select the retailer you’re going to shop at, for example: Walmart. With your grocery list beside you, scroll through the cash-back offers and then hit the ‘+’ to add them to your “My Offers” List. Then go shopping as normal.

After you’re back home all you have to take is take a photo of your receipt to redeem the cash back and then it’ll be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

Super simple way to earn cash back on items you were going to buy anyway! And it’s not just groceries, clean supplies, and toiletries, there’s also offers for clothing stores + tech companies.

>> If you want to try ibotta for yourself please use my link so I can earn a $30 referral credit for every 3 new signup!

5. Honey browser extension

I’m brand new to Honey, but it seems to be just as simple and easy to use as Ebates with the downloaded browser extension that just pops up whenever it detects a coupon code offer for the site you’re shopping on. They have offers for clothing companies, restaurants, travel sites, + more! I’m really excited to use it next time I’m shopping online and see how it compares to Ebates…I’ll keep yall updated!

>> If you want to try Honey for yourself please use my link so I can earn a $5 of gold credit for every referral!

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