Everything You Want To Know About Walmart Grocery Pickup

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I’m pretty much obsessed with Walmart Grocery Pickup these days! It’s been a game-changer in my life for the past year, and I’ve gotten tons of questions about what I think about the service. I’ve compiled a list of 12 of the most frequently asked questions to help get you on-board with the grocery pickup game!

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you have to tip the employee that brings your groceries out?
Nope! In fact, they ask you not to. You can leave your feedback online afterward, and I always try to leave a 5 star review for the really helpful/friendly employees.

2. Do you have to worry about expiration dates + produce freshness?
They give you a chance to check all of your groceries as they’re loading them up and they’re always willing to replace any item if you’re not satisfied with it, but everything has always been fresh in my orders.

3. Is there a pick up fee?
No, there’s no extra fee. Other grocery pickups like Kroger Clicklist charge (usually $4.95), but Walmart does not.

4. Can you use coupons?
At Walmart you can’t at this time, but I have read that if you print our your receipt some places like ibotta will accept it for rebates, but honestly I haven’t tried it yet. However, Kroger will let you use coupons with their Clicklist, so that might possibly balance out their $4.95 pickup fee.

5. What times can you pickup groceries?
You can schedule a pickup between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. You can easily schedule your pickup for the time that works best for you…right after work, during your child’s after-school activities, or first thing on Saturday morning before the weekend gets busy…whatever works with your schedule.

6. How exactly does the pickup process work?
You select and hour-window time slot, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM for example. You’ll get a notification usually a few minutes before 10:00 that your order is ready. Then you check-in on the app whenever you’re on your way to the store. They’ll know when you pull up because of location tracking through the app, and an employee will come up to your car window. You’ll be asked to show your ID, sign their hand-held device, and if you want to check anything before it gets loaded.

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7. What if an item is unavailable?
Before you check out on the app you’ll be prompted to “allow substitutes” or not. If you leave the substitutions allowed checked then if your item is out-of-stock they will substitute it for a larger quantity, different brand, or sometimes a different flavor of the same type of product, for no extra charge. However, if you’re very specific about the item you’re ordering then you can always uncheck the substitution button, and you won’t be charged if the product is out-of-stock.

8. What are the ways to pay?
You pay via card on the app when you complete your order. The amount will show up as pending in your account until you actually pick up the groceries, that way if something is out-of-stock or the weight of your produce varies a little bit, you’ll only be charged for exactly what you go home with.

9. What if they forget to give you an item?
I’ve only had this happen twice out of a year’s worth of pickups. One time they called a few minutes after I left the store, and I just turned around to pick it back up. The other time I sent customer service a quick email and they without-question refunded the amount to my debit card.

10. Does this take away employee jobs?
I actually was concerned about this so I did some research. Everything I found said that most locations are actually hiring more employees to absorb the extra work of shopping for and delivering the groceries. I don’t know this to be 100% true, but every employee at my local Walmart seems to be pretty satisfied with their jobs.

11. Do you feel lazy because you’re not doing your own shopping?
I really really struggled with this aspect of grocery pickup for the first few weeks I used it. However, after I saw what I could do with the extra 1-2 hours available in my week I got over the guilt pretty quickly! As a mom of 3, anything to make my life a little easier I’m on-board for!

12. Is pickup a budget-friendly option?
Like anything else, there are pros + cons…

  • Con: Sometimes Walmart isn’t always the cheapest option for the items you’re shopping for.

  • Con: You can’t use coupons or a membership card for savings like at Kroger or Sam’s Club.

  • Con: Like any other online shopping, you don’t get that pain factor of seeing your shopping cart getting full and being able to realize how much you’re buying.

  • Pro: There’s way less impulse shopping because you’re not going inside the store, and neither are your kids.

  • Pro: You can see your total adding up in the top corner of the app as you add items to your cart. And if you notice that you’re going over budget you can delete items much easier than you could put things back if you were shopping in the store.

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all about walmart grocery pickup | pros and cons | is pickup budget friendly | frugal grocery shopping | mom life hacks | budgeting | family on a budget | time savers for moms | why I love walmart grocery pickup | questions about grocery pick up | FAQ

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