How To Shop For Easter On A Budget

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Let’s talk about the next big seasonal expense, Easter!

I’ve always been pretty open about my love...scratch that...obsession with Dollar Tree. Well, it’s not only my favorite place for stocking stuffers at Christmas, it’s also my favorite place for Easter Basket goodies as well.

We keep our Easter budget pretty modest at $50 for all 3 girls. Fortunately, this goes pretty far at Dollar Tree so I’m able to get the girls TONS of great stuff, and usually still have some money leftover for one fancier item like a pair of shoes, a new shirt, or something like that.

Some of my favorite things to add to the girls’ Easter Baskets are Notebooks, Color Books, Activity Packs, Crayons, Markers, Pencils, Glue, Stickers, Water Color Paints, + other art/school supplies that I know they need and will use. Plus I like to throw in some things that are a little bit more fun, but still useful like Snacks, Reusable Cups, Snack Containers, Hair Accessories, and Toiletries like Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, + Soap. Of course I HAVE to add some fun stuff like Small Toys, Stuffed Animals, Play Dough, Bubbles, Chalk, Frisbees, Jump Ropes, Puzzles, and Candy. Plus, my Minimalist side loves to buy the inexpensive Baskets, Faux Grass, + Plastic Eggs...that way I can toss it all in the trash a few days after Easter and I don’t have to store anything or worry about throwing away expensive stuff. It’s kinda a win-win!

Obviously I don’t buy every single one of the things I listed above every single year, but I have at some point throughout the years with girls at different ages. I try to keep their baskets fun, useful, and frugal all at the same time!

My favorite frugal hack at Dollar Tree is buying things that come with multiples in the pack so I can split them up among the girls, like the bubbles that come in a 3 pack or the cute seasonal pencils that come in a 12 pack!

Another helpful tip is to grab the Easter Baskets first and fill them up as you shop. This way you’re keeping yourself in check by not overspending, and you’re also making sure that everything fits well and goes well together if you’re going for a themed look.

Remember to set your Easter Budget ASAP, if you haven’t already. Plan ahead as much as possible, set your spending money aside in a sinking fund or cash envelope, and keep a running total as you’re shopping. All of those budgeting skills combined with your new frugal secret weapon, Dollar Tree, you’re all set for a budget-friendly Easter!

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