How the Powersheets can help you on your Debt-free Journey

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I've been an avid Powersheets user for almost 3 years now, and I could literally talk all day about how much I love them! 

I had heard some of my friends on social media talking about the Powersheets so I got curious and started following Lara Casey, their creator. I loved her right away after I learned that she's also a Christian, homeschooling, debt-free entrepreneur, momma like myself! 

But, I was still nervous about these Powersheets that seemed a little pricey for this frugal girl (1-year planner $60), so I stayed on the fence for a couple of months. When the next launch came around I hesitantly spent the money and invested in myself...and man am I glad that I did! I haven't regretted a single dollar I've spent on any of the products from Lara + her Cultivate What Matters team. 

What I love most is that they aren't just a "goal setting" company, they're a company that helps you acquire and develop the things in your life that matter most. I don't know about you, but that speaks to my tired momma heart! I don't want to waste my time working towards things that don't align with my life's purpose...I want to be intentional with this precious life that I have been given and truly "cultivate what matters"!


I always say that writing down your goals is a vital step to achieving your dreams and becoming who you were called to be. And even if the Powersheets aren't in your budget right now, please at least take the time to grab a notebook, journal, scrap piece of paper, or just open a word document on your computer and start getting intentional with your goals!

For me though, I love the Powersheets because they're not only beautiful, they also have awesome prompts, and making that financial investment is really about making a commitment to yourself. It's about telling yourself that you're serious about achieving these goals + it'll ultimately help hold you accountable! me, I used to be a yo-yo goal setter, but ever since I've had my Powersheets I've stayed the course with my goals each month! 

...but how can The Powersheets help you on your debt-free journey? 
I'm sharing the 6 ways that they will help you below...

1. discover your truth

"Good goals are about cultivating what you've been given well: your relationships, your money, your possessions, your work, your home, your health, and your time." -Lara Casey

In the first section of the Powersheets you'll spend a few pages exploring who you really are, breaking your identity boxes, evaluating your current life, letting go of the past, meeting your fears, + discovering the truth behind what matters most to you.  

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
I always say that overcoming old mindsets is the groundwork to any successful financial journey. You have to first break free from the old you...the you that got yourself into this financial mess in the first place. You’ve got to do some soul searching to discover your “why” and your ultimate purpose in life. Without discovering your truth you’ll just continue to wander around in the dark and never fully reach your ultimate goals. 

2. Focus on the big picture

"Grow what lasts longer than you." -Lara Casey

In the next section of the Powersheets you'll spend a few pages expanding your horizons by writing down the good things in your life, your challenges, the people you're grateful for, what you want to say "yes" to, and what truly fires you up. Then you'll have space to brainstorm the big picture vision you have for your life + set some intentions for your year. 

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
Expanding your horizons is a HUGE step in this journey! You’ve got to break free from the “living for the weekend” mentality. You’ve got to think farther than just the next payday. You’ve got see that bigger picture of how your life could be if you were to follow through with your financial goals.

3. Set good goals

"You can't do it all and do it well." -Lara Casey

In the next section of the Powersheets you'll take all of your brainstormed ideas and turn them into good goals. This is where you'll set your overall goals and create a detailed action plan for each big picture goal.

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
Setting good goals for your money is basically just like drawing out a road map of how you want to be intentional with your money (and the rest of life). Again, we have to know what we’re working towards or we’ll just wander around, waste our money, and ultimately waste our lives not working on the things that matter most. 

4. Tend to your goals

"Dreams become decisions when you cultivate them." -Lara Casey

This is the best part of the Powersheets! Each month you'll be given brainstorming space and a Tending List. The Tending List is probably the page you're most familiar with if you've ever seen anyone post their monthly goals on social media because this is where the most progress happens in the Powersheets

On the Tending List you'll be given space to break down the month's goals into either monthly, weekly, or daily to best accomplish each task. 

Let's talk about the differences between each kind of goal and some examples of Intentional Living + Budgeting goals...
(follow the links to check out my favorite resources for each goal)

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
This journey is just that...a journey. It takes time and you have to continually tend to your goals. You have make little-by-little progress on your goals each day, week, month, + year. 

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5. Celebrate progress

"Little by little progress adds up." -Lara Casey

Another perk of the Tending List section of the Powersheets is that you'll be able to celebrate your progress towards your goals all throughout the month with the check boxes + progress bars (my favorite part). 

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
By having this Tending List page at your fingertips each month you’ll be able to see the little-by-little progress being made right before your eyes...which means you'll be able to celebrate your progress! You'll be able to literally see your life transforming before your eyes! You'll be able to celebrate the that little daily progress, like packing a lunch from home or skipping Starbucks! You'll be able to celebrate the medium-sized weekly progress, like meal planning or working through a lesson in Your Sunny Money Method! You'll be able to celebrate the big progress, like paying off a debt or hitting a savings goal! This can be a long journey friend, so celebrating those wins along the way is going to do wonders for your motivation.

6. Cultivate gratitude

"Gratitude changes everything." -Lara Casey

Last but not least, in the next section of the Powersheets you'll take time to cultivate gratitude. You'll go through a review of your month and answer prompts that will help you stay grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life. You'll reflect on things like "a good lesson I learned", "goals that are growing well", and more. 

How does this apply to your debt-free journey?
By reflecting on the things, people, and lessons that you’re grateful for at the end of each month you’re going to keep your heart in the right place throughout this journey. This journey can be long, you can easily get discouraged along the way, and you can easily feel like you’re missing out on things that you see other people doing. When you take time to cultivate gratitude in your life you’ll be so thankful for your journey and so proud of yourself for the progress that you’re making towards your ultimate goals. 


"What if today is the day that everything changes?" -Lara Casey

Spending money on ourselves during this debt-free journey is not always easy, but I think it’s so important to always continue to invest in our personal growth. This journey is about so much more than just’s actually more about intentional living than anything!

I’ll be honest, buying the Powersheets was completely out of my comfort zone, but they have literally changed my entire life! Now I’m so intentional with every single month of my year, and I’m accomplishing goals that I never thought would be possible. 
Please make sure that if you decide that the Powersheets are right for you that you can honestly afford them in your budget! If right now isn’t a good time to invest in them then at least start writing down your goals and making progress towards your big-picture dreams with the steps + resources that I shared above in this article!

Put this in your budget friends + don't miss out!

  • 1-year dated planner $60

  • Free Wildcard Pages

  • PLUS 15 Powersheets Accessories


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how the powersheets can help you on your debt free journey | budgeting | money goals | family | goal setting | cultivate what matters | financial goals | finances | motherhood | mom life hacks | how to start a budget | how to set | where to start
how the powersheets can help you on your debt free journey | budgeting | money goals | family | goal setting | cultivate what matters | financial goals | finances | motherhood | mom life hacks | how to start a budget | how to set | where to start
how the powersheets can help you on your debt free journey | budgeting | money goals | family | goal setting | cultivate what matters | financial goals | finances | motherhood | mom life hacks | how to start a budget | how to set | where to start
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