EP. 46 The Importance of Community For Your Debt-Free Journey

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When you’re on a big life-changing journey like becoming debt free, community can play a huge role in your success. Although there can be negatives to being involved in an online community, like dealing with other people’s opinions, the pros definitely out-weigh the cons. Having people who understand, support, and encourage you can often be the thing that keeps you going when times get hard.

This week, I’m joined by Amanda from Debt Free in Sunny CA to talk about how and why she started The Debt-Free Community, how it’s grown over the years, and a little bit about her own personal journey to financial freedom.


In this episode, Sami + Amanda talk about:

  • Amanda’s debt free journey story

  • How moving from CA to TX aligns with her FI/RE (Financially Independent/Retire Early) goals

  • The story behind the beginning of #debtfreecommunity, how + why it got started

  • Why community is so important to the success of your journey

  • The pros and cons to sharing about your journey

  • How the Debt Free Community is growing through sharing monthly numbers + in-person meetups

Memorable Quotes:

“You tend to get motivated about something and then you need to find something to keep you motivated, so seeing people and talking with people who are in the same situation is helpful.”

“It’s so nice to have people to have to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and to just go along the journey with you.” -Sami

“That’s why community is so important because all the people in your real life are doing the normal thing of going into debt, buying all these things, and you’re trying to step back and get your life in order...and that’s why it’s so important to reach out to people who are doing the same thing.”

Resources Mentioned:

Who is our guest?

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Amanda Williams is owner and founder of Debt Free In Sunny CA. Josh and Amanda paid off $133,763 of debt in 3.7 years. She has built a dedicated, engaged, and loyal audience of over 65,000 people from the ground up. The #debtfreecommunity hashtag was created under Amanda's direction and has generated an online movement, bringing thousands together on a daily basis.

Website: debtfreeinsunnyca.com
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