EP. 43 How My Fresh Start Weekends Prepare Me For The Week Ahead

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The idea behind a “Fresh Start Weekend” is about preparing for the week ahead, instead of feeling like you’re catching up from the previous week.

By adopting this mindset and taking care of these 5 main tasks you’ll be setting yourself up for success for the next 7 days.

Note that this doesn’t have to be done on Saturdays and Sundays. Whatever days of the week that work for you can be your “fresh start”. Look at what day or days you could plan to do these tasks and commit to it, prioritize it, and grow the habit.


In this episode, I share about:

  • How adopting this habit will set you up for success for the week ahead

  • How I plan out my week’s tasks ahead

  • What role budgeting plays in this habit

  • What you need to know about getting a fresh start on your food

  • All of the household chores I include on my list

  • Where all of my miscellaneous tasks fall in my routine

Memorable Quotes:

“This is all about being prepared, the best you can, for the week ahead. Taking control and not letting the week just happen to you. ...not letting your life just happen to you.”

Resources Mentioned:

This week’s review shoutout    

by JessNaunas
“Sami’s content is so straightforward, valuable, and real! I love how encouraging she is while pushing listeners to grow. It can be hard to find women in the personal development space.”

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