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Minimalism was my first step towards intentional living which later led me to budgeting, positive thinking, improving my marriage, reading regularly, starting my business, prioritizing self-care, + a million other little things. If your life feels like a mess in just about every way…Minimalism is THE place to start!

Below I’m sharing 6 resources to help you get started on your own Minimalism Journey…

1. Allie Casazza

Let’s start from the beginning with my Minimalism Journey. Allie Casazza pretty much saved my life. Too strong? Nope. It’s true.

I am proudly one of the OG followers of Allie’s Tribe. Allie is a wife, mom, Christian, homeschooler, tattoo-lover, and entrepreneur…much like myself. I saw myself in her. I wanted the freedom she was living so I jumped on board. I was a literal day-one member of her Facebook Group, I bought her world-renowned online course, Your Uncluttered Home, the first day it was available, and I hung onto every word she spoke long before her top-rated podcast, The Purpose Show, even existed. If you’re a mom on an intentional living journey…she is your girl!

2. A Sunny Side Up Life

Yes, I included myself as a resource…no shame!

The thing that makes my approach to Minimalism different than anyone else’s on this list is that I know how important earning some extra income is to your family when you have some big financial goals to achieve. Even though I have donated a lot of stuff over the past few years since we’ve started decluttering, we’ve sold even more! THOUSANDS of dollars of our debt-payoff amount came from selling our unneeded clutter. My mindset and motivation behind purging was that I wanted the freedom AND the money more than I wanted all of the junk I was getting rid of…that kept me going through the hardest times of the process!

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I know how important earning some extra income is to your family + I want you to know that I understand it can be overwhelming...that's exactly why I'm offering this workshop! I'll cover everything you've been wondering'll leave the workshop with tons of info and feeling ready to sell your unneeded clutter for some much needed extra cash!

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Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist was another big voice during my Minimalism journey. I love his positive approach to such a touchy topic. He simply believes that we waste too much time on our “things” when we could be spending our time intentionally. He has a great website, positive social media presence, + 3 books that could all help you on your journey!


4. The Tannehill Homestead

Erin, the voice behind The Tannehill Homestead and a friend of mine, is on a mission to help women remove distractions from their lives to enjoy a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. One of Erin’s big passions is decluttering and she has so many helpful blogs, challenges, + other resources available!

5. Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is best known for making us ask “does this bring me joy?”. She is helping people declutter their homes + their lives through her revolutionary book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (which I read at the beginning of my journey), and more recently through her new Netflix series, Tidying Up. Her approach is simple and joy-based, which I of course love!


6. The Minimalists

This 1 hr 18 min documentary has been taking the world by storm since it debuted on Netflix back in December 2018. This documentary is dedicated to people rejecting the American ideal that things bring happiness and is inspiring millions to adopt the virtue that less is more. Much like the #debtfreecommunity, the minimalism movement is about breaking free from societal norms and living a life with more intention…all of which I’m a fan of!

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Your Sunny Money Method
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Budgeting Starter Pack
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All of my favorite resources


I'm the wife to my high school sweetheart, Daniel, + homeschooling momma to our 3 girls. I'm the Budgeting Coach + Motivational Speaker behind 
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Now that my family has become debt free + gained financial freedom, I want to help your family do the same! My passion is inspiring women to live abundant lives through budgeting, intentional living, and positive thinking.

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