Year of Trust: 2019 Goals Spring Update


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I’ve declared 2019 to be my Year of Trust where I plan to stop letting fear of failure and the unknown, as well as self-doubt, hold me back from what I know is my true potential.

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Before I dig into my goals in detail, you should know that I kind of have a secret weapon when it comes to goal-setting…it’s The Powersheets! You can learn more about them in the resources linked below, but in short, The Powersheets are an intentional goal planner that help you dig into your biggest dreams and turn them into simple actionable goals.

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One of the things I love about The Powersheets are the Seasonal Refresh prompts, because, let’s be honest, we all get off track from our goals from time-to-time. However, with these Seasonal Refresh sections the most you can ever get off track is 3 months. And I will admit that I usually want to either skip all together or procrastinate on these sections. …hence why I’m posting this in May!

Listen to more on the podcast…

Listen to more on the podcast…

Features like the Seasonal Refresh are what set The Powersheets apart from other goal setting resources. In these sections you’re prompted to rate 8 different areas of your life (health, friends, significant other, family, finances, personal growth, work, + recreation) on a scale of 1-10. This will help you put into perspective what areas need more attention or what could be cultivated in a different way. Then you’ll be prompted to re-write/refresh all of the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Refreshing your goals helps you re-focus and re-align with what matters most to you. THIS…this is the kind of thing that makes you actually achieve your goals and not just set and forget them half-way through the year like main-stream society.

Below I’m sharing the refreshed version of my 2019 goals and how I plan to take action on each goal.

In the sections below I’ll be taking you inside my 2019 Powersheets to show you real examples of how I’m taking action on my goals to get me one year closer to the ultimate big-picture vision that I have for my life.

personal goals

Goal 1: Have my own identity

5. Go to counseling
6. Spend time with friends + sisters
7. Prioritize quiet/alone time

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Authenticity
2. Have fun
3. Grow my art + other hobbies
4. Watch TV, listen to podcasts,
+ read books


goal 2: grow + learn

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Prioritize art, books, podcasts
2. Cultivate new ideas
3. Expand on what’s possible


Goal 3: healthy body/healthy mind

6. Drink plenty of water
7. Enjoy fresh air
8. Challenge my mind
9. Rest my body

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Do a seasonal home purge
2. Have daily quiet time
3. Have daily play time
4. Alone time to get centered
5. Gentle movement

family goals

Goal 4: Strong Family

4. Encourage the girls’ growth in their activities
5. Prioritize Sami + Daniel time
6. Cultivate the love of home

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Cultivate strong + smart kids
2. Cultivate strong + happy parents
3. Quality time


goal 5: spend our days together

4. Personal growth leads to Family growth
5. Focus Words: money, empire, + quality

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Cultivate love of nature + home
2. Manifest our big vision
3. Grow together


goal 6: grow our net worth

3. Cultivate a positive family mindset towards wealth + success
4. Be unapologetic with our success
5. Focus Words: time + spaciousness

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Spend less money/save more money
2. Prioritize mine + Daniel’s personal growth

work goals

goal 7: build an empire

3. Develop new products + offers
4. Continued growth
5. Unapologetic with my success

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Focus on ultimate goal: change lives
2. Personal growth leads to Business growth

goal 8: have a great team around me

3. Ask for help
4. Focus Words: lead, trust, expand

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Increase revenue
2. Save my energy for creativity

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