EP. 15 Crushing Goals Together

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In the 10 years of our marriage, we’ve had our fair share of struggles + success. As they say, opposites attract, and yes, this has even applied to our financial journey because budgeting as a couple is hard…it just is!

It’s pretty common for there to be one spouse that’s the spender, and one that’s the saver. This can cause tons of disagreements when it comes to budgeting, saving, and planning out your financial future. Two people who are constantly arguing over the future of their money will never be able to reach their goals together!

Think about it this way...imagine you're both in a rowboat, and paddling in opposite directions, you're going to get nowhere fast! That's essentially what you're doing with your money if you don't realize that you're in the same boat....you're on the same team...and you should be on the same page about your money!  

My husband and I are no different! However, over the past few years of our debt-free journey, we’ve learned how to get on the same page with our goals…and not just achieve them, but crush them! And in honor of our 10th anniversary we want to share a few of those secrets with you.


In this episode, Sami + Daniel talk about:

  • Lessons they’ve learned that have helped them be successful with their goals

  • How to get on the same page with your partner

  • Tips for people just starting on this journey together

  • Lessons for your kids to take away from this journey

  • Favorite cheap dates + family fun activities

  • How to get over your pride as a man

  • How to stay motivated

  • Favorite memories + takeaways of their debt-free journey

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s going to be worth it…and it’s worth it along the way too. It’s worth it along the way a lot more than people realize…and we’re still having fun.”

“It took me a while to come around because I had gotten so used to just basically being able to do whatever I wanted with my paycheck. It was kind of hard to get on board at first because patience isn’t exactly the easiest thing to have.” -Daniel

“With us trying to raise three daughters, this lifestyle really was setting the whole family up for disaster.” -Daniel

"You just have to remind yourself that this is something that you want to do. It’s for yourself, it’s for the better of your family…this isn’t for sissies or the weak.” -Daniel

“Even on the hard days of doing this, it’s still better than the hard days back-in-the-day.” -Sami

“One of the things that I think we didn’t really expect was how much stronger it has made our marriage because I feel like if we could get through this we could get through anything.” -Sami

“I think it’s really just about getting over yourself, and getting over the materialism, and thinking about the big vision.” -Sami

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