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I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for Spring! I'm ready to get the kids out of the house, have some fun, + shake these Winter Blues! I know what you're thinking...BUT I'm on a budget! Don't worry, I gotcha...this week on the blog I'm sharing with you 5 Free Spring Activities.

Search Facebook events

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I actually just did this one myself! I hopped over to the ol’ Facebook and clicked on that handy little “events” button…and BAM…tons of things to do within driving distance. Our town is constantly doing little events like an art day at one of the museums or a free movie night in the park. The key here is for me to actually write them down in my planner so I don’t forget about them!

Check your Library

Most libraries have a website, Facebook page, or at least a bulletin board with upcoming free events. Our local library for example has story time every Wednesday morning and an after-school activity almost every weekday. But even if you live in a small town with a tiny library they at the very least have books and free air conditioning!

I’m not even kidding when I say that one of my favorite childhood memories is of me riding my bike to the library and spending HOURS on the floor between the isles reading.

Have a staycation

There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own town. Our town (famed as the oldest town in Texas) has a handful of small museums, tons of nature trails, a few great parks, and a lake within a hour’s drive in every direction. There’s absolutely no reason why we should ever be bored!

>> I had Shelly from The Eclectic Voyager on the podcast to talk about frugal travel!

Plan a playdate

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We’re all busy ladies, but seriously what is better than hanging out with one of your besties and her kids for an hour at the park or in each other’s backyard!? The problem is that we get lazy, we let time pass, and we never send that initial, “hey, let’s go to the park this week” text. SEND THE TEXT. Carve out an hour for a playdate!

Start your own event

Last but not least, if you can’t find an event that intrigues you…start your own! Round up some girlfriends for a book club, a craft party, a “whine-down Wednesday” in somebody’s living room, etc etc etc…get creative!

Send out a group text, post that bad boy on your social feeds, create a public Facebook Event, hang up fliers at the coffee shop…whatever you’ve gotta do to recruit people. I promise you that there are other women in your area who are on a tight budget and are itching to do something frugal and fun just like you!

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