Budget or Bust: Bridal Edition


You’ve fallen in love. You’ve said yes. The big day is approaching and you’re on top of the world. Priceless right? For now at least...

Being a bride in our modern day economy is about as easy as Jon Snow taking the Iron throne. It works in theory, until you realize you’re screwed. From endless commercials, wedding websites, and TLC ‘reality’ TV shows, you’ve been programmed to believe what the “ideal” wedding should look like in every detail possible. While it is an exciting time of life, be aware of this scheme and take charge of your wallets ladies (and dudes)! Here are 5 tips I used while planning my wedding without going into any debt!

1. Make the budget and set it in stone

This is a nonnegotiable. Seriously, you have to know what you can afford, not what will look best to your guests. It’s your day! And as awesome as an open bar is, you’re going to pay. Big time. For like 4 hours of your life. Only to pay up for it 4 years down the road. Stay in line!

2. Make YOUR priorities with your partner

Decide on where the budget will go. I don’t care if your Aunt told you a closed bar is unacceptable. Unless they pay up, they shut up. This is all up to you. Want a video of your big day? Make that a bigger part of the budget. Pie chart it people. The bigger the priority, the bigger the slice. And PLEASE make sure to include your partner in this! Y’all are a team and it’s their big day too!

3. Compromise 

This was probably the biggest budget saver for my wedding day. I had a list of the things I knew I absolutely wanted. I saw it. I liked it. I borrowed it. I got it. Think of a wallet friendly compromise to your priority list:

- Wedding dress at the fancy dress shop? $3,000 without alterations.
-My wedding dress from the resale shop? $800 with veil and accessories.
-Alcohol for the guests? $2,500.
-My own sangria mix for my bridal party in the dressing room with liquor and fresh fruit? $60.
-A full dinner for all of my guests? $5000
-Appetizer, dessert, and candy bar made my myself and my family? $700.

The list goes on...

4. Breathe and accept the help

When I first made my to do list, I thought I would never be able to do this alone. And I was right. It took a village. My friends and family stepped up and made this day exactly what I wanted. A wedding planner just for my rehearsal and wedding day was going to be at least $2,000. Unacceptable. My Aunt directed my wedding party during both the rehearsal and ceremony. I had multiple DIY days in which I paid my family and friends in pizza/beer to put together favors and handmade invitations. The best part? These are some of the best memories I have of my wedding. It was more than just a “big day,’ it was a whole experience with the people I loved most.

5. lastly, pay as you go

Give yourself enough time to plan the wedding and stockpile items as you go. My husband and I loved going to different consignment shops and finding rarities that would make our day even more special and unique. Again, it was bigger than just one day. We were able to plan over a year and it really helped our wallets and sanity. If you don’t have that time period, start looking for ways you can borrow from others. You will be amazed on how many items people have laying around their house that would be perfect for your wedding. I laid out each month what I would be paying for in terms of the wedding budget and what I needed to save as well for our honeymoon. It is possible I promise!

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