EP. 44 Creating a Positively Delighted Life

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Positivity is a learned behavior, it’s a muscle that can be grown over time through intentional habits and practices.

Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted is sharing her best tips for creating more positivity in your own life. She’s talking about her favorite affirmations, hobbies, books, and life lessons that have helped her transform her life.


In this episode, Sami + Kelsey talk about:

  • All about Kelsey growing up roadschooled + being a digital nomad

  • Our beginnings with Positive Thinking

  • Best tips for getting started with positivity

  • How to create a positive mindset

  • How being intentional in one area of your life spills over into other areas

  • The power of affirmations

  • Our favorite positive hobbies

Memorable Quotes:

“The tree is really green and full.” -Sami

“If you really want to create a positive habit, or a positive mindset, it can be built, it just has to be exercised and grown like a muscle.” -Sami

“You have to appreciate the woman that you are now, but also continue to step forward into the woman that you want to be. All at the same time. While also honoring the woman that you were in the past.” -Sami

“If it would have been a friend or a sister or a stranger on the street, I would have gone to any lengths to protect her from the things she was going to go through, and I did not do that for myself. I stood idly by and stood for everything except myself.” -Kelsey

“Am I doing this because it’s bringing me joy or because I hope it will bring me validation?” -Melyssa Griffin

Resources Mentioned:

Who is our guest?

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Kelsey Henry is the podcaster + blogger behind Positively Delighted. She is also a singer/songwriter, digital nomad, happiness enthusiast, and certified Laughter Yoga leader.

Her journey of happiness and positivity stemmed from growing up roadschooled while battling a lack of self-confidence. This led her to studying personal growth and eventually sharing her learnings along the way.

Podcast: The Positively Delighted Show
Etsy Shop: Positively Delighted
YouTube Channel: Positively Delighted
Website: positivelydelighted.com


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