EP. 40 How To Pay Off Debt While Your Kids Are Still Little

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A common thought in our society is that if you have children you’ll automatically have to struggle financially. It’s far too common for the average young family to be drowning in debt and feeling like that’s their only choice. However, Merliee from Easy Budget + her family are here to show others that getting out of $71k worth of debt, while having little kids, is not only possible…it’s actually pretty easy!


In this episode, Sami + Merilee talk about:

  • Merilee’s story of paying off $71k of debt

  • Why it's okay to alter The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to fit the needs of your family

  • The philosophy behind pausing your debt payoff during big life changes like a pregnancy

  • Why we both chose to continue having babies, even while we were in debt

  • How to raise young children during a debt-free journey

  • Why Merilee + her husband created the amazing Debt Snowball Calculator

  • The power of knowing your debt total + your debt-free timeline

  • Merliee’s best tips for getting started on your debt-free journey

Memorable Quotes:

“It is personal finance for a reason, it’s okay to adapt and adjust to make it work for your family.” -Sami

“I’m not advocating for people to be financially irresponsible, but you don’t need to have a ton of money to have kids.” -Merilee

“Life feels so good when you budget correctly, it feels like you’re in control of things.” -Merilee

Resources Mentioned:

Who is our guest?

Easy Budget Merilee

+ her husband, Derek, are the masterminds behind The Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator. Merliee is a Texas mom of 3 and extremely passionate about getting her family out of their $71k of debt, and also inspiring your family along the way!

Instagram: @easy_budget
Debt Calculator: The Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator


about the debt calculator

  • Automatically Calculates Payoff Date

  • User friendly

  • Fully automated

  • Space for up to 35 different loans

  • Clearly display your debt-free timeline

  • Ability to play around with several variables to see how it affects your payoff date

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