EP. 32 How + Why We Pay Cash For Our Vehicles

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Paying cash for large purchases like cars, trucks, boat, + campers used to seem like something only “rich” people did…not average young families like ours. But, I’ve learned throughout the past few years that’s it’s actually completely possible! In fact, we recently made our 4th large purchase last Fall when we cash-flowed a 5th wheel camper, and added it to our family of other cash-flowed items: a boat, a Suburban, + a diesel truck.

The freedom + empowerment that we’ve felt through being able to make these purchases without a loan have been significant milestones in our family’s journey. In this episode, I’m sharing exactly HOW we’ve been able to do this + all of the reasons behind WHY we’ve done it!


In this episode, I share about:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about buying vehicles in cash

  • How much we’ve paid for our vehicles + where we bought them from

  • What exactly “cash-flowing” means

  • Our process for saving up + how long it took

  • How we decided how much to spend on our vehicles

  • Why paying cash is about more than just saving on the interest from a loan

  • Comparison of the process between buying a vehicle with a loan vs. buying it with cash

  • Why you’re more likely to spend less on the total of your vehicle when you with pay cash vs. with a loan

  • Why I believe that vehicles aren’t an investment

  • Why I don’t preach about spending a certain percentage of your income on specific areas of your budget

Memorable Quotes:

“The process of paying 100% cash for such big purchases is so out of the norm.”

“The ball is in YOUR court when you walk in. …It’s so much more empowering when you know that you’re the one in control of the situation, not the dealership.”

“Living debt-free, we’re living on 55%-60% of our income…and the rest goes to savings, so we’re able to stack up some money pretty quickly like this. When you get debt-free and you continue to live that much below your means…it doesn’t take that long.”

“We get it stuck in our head that if we make $60,000 a year that we have to spend $60,000 a year.”

“A vehicle is not an investment because it’s going to go down in value every single month, and every single year. Yeah, there is a little bit of an asset there where you could turn around and sell it if you needed to, but we view our vehicles as toys and as luxury items…they’re not an investment.”

“If you make $60,000 year, and you’re buying a $60,000 vehicle, you have to think in the sense that you’re spending an entire year of your life working just for that vehicle…and I feel like that’s way above your means.”

“You have to start thinking about things in terms of “spending money on interest” vs. “earning money on interest”.

“It’s not as much about saving the money on the interest or saving the monthly money…it’s not all about the numbers. It is more about the freedom than anything!”

“It’s not yours until the title is in your hand.”

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