EP. 30 Don't Quit! Action Steps For Beating The 6-Week Slump

[EP. 30] a sunny side up life podcast

Statistics say that by the 6th week of the year 80% of people have already given up on their New Year’s Goals/Resolutions. That number broke my heart, because I’ve been there! I know how hard it is to keep moving forward.

This week I’m sharing articles + simple actions steps that will help you beat this 6-week slump and NOT quit on your dreams!


In this episode, I share about:

  • Why 80% of goals fail

  • Examples of simple action steps that you can take today

  • Why it’s not an overnight progress

  • Why self-love is a vital step in the journey

  • Why you quitting is really just self-sabotage

  • Why you need to know your numbers

  • Examples of where to earn extra money

  • Example of where to cut back your spending

  • Why life is like riding a wave

  • A reminder that you’re not alone in everything that you’re feeling

Memorable Quotes:

“The unfortunate truth is that change, all change, entails some degree of emotional friction, which in turn generates a "heated state" we call stress. Whether you're feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated, fatigued, weak and out of control, or simply bored, emotional friction (stress) becomes the high-octane fuel of failure. When it comes to handling the stress involved in change, many well-adjusted, happy, overweight, out-of-shape people share the fundamental problem of self-sabotage.” -Joseph Luciani, US News Contributor

Resources Mentioned:

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