EP. 19 Choosing Gratitude Over Guilt With Your Holiday Budget

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Spending money while you’re on a debt-free journey or just simply living on a budget can be a touchy subject! And it seems that the Holiday Seasons only amplify the anti-shopping talk all over social media.

I'm sharing about why I choose to shop for Christmas with a heart full of gratitude instead of mind full of guilt. I'll also explain why budgeting, especially at this time of year, should bring you freedom, and how to create that freedom for yourself.


In this episode, I talk about:

  • How to overcome the guilt of spending money

  • My view on all of the anti-shopping talk around social media

  • Why budgeting should bring you freedom

  • How to create financial freedom for yourself during The Holidays

  • Why shopping is one of my goals

  •  How I cultivate gratitude with my Christmas Shopping

Memorable Quotes:

“I choose to shop for Christmas with a heart full of gratitude instead of a heart full of guilt.”

“At least you’ll know where you stand, at least it won’t catch you off guard, at least you will have your opinion already formed.”

“I just don’t want you to feel guilty. Whatever you do, do what is best for you, your family, your situation, your goals, and don’t feel guilty. Stand strong in your reasoning.”

“If you can honestly afford it, I just feel like there shouldn’t be any guilt behind that.”

“I just really want you to go into the season standing strong in your reasoning for whatever plan you come up with. I want you to go into it with your heart in the right place, with a solid plan, without guilt, and without fear.”

“Stand strong knowing that your long-term goals are ultimately more important, but if you can give and you can bless others without hurting your long-term goals…if you can do it from a good place…then do it! …and don’t apologize for it.”

Resources Mentioned:

Family+Holiday+Budget+Planner+computer+image (1).png


Every worksheet you need to keep your family's Holiday Budget under control + organized!

12 pages include:

  • Travel Budget

  • Decorating Budget

  • Food Budget

  • Activities Budget

  • November Calendar

  • December Calendar

  • Cover Page

  • Overview Holiday Budget

  • Savings Plan 

  • Gift Budget

  • Card List

  • Charity Budget

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