Mother’s Day Gifts On A Budget

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Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that can get expensive pretty quickly if we let it, because of course we want to spoil those special ladies in our lives…but we can do that without breaking the budget.

I’m sharing 7 of my favorite places to shop for Mother’s Day on a budget!

1. Etsy: Custom Gift

If I’m looking a for a classy + thoughtful gift I’ll usually search something like “Mother’s Day Gifts” on Etsy first. They seriously have everything you could think of and more…and it all looks so beautiful and special. My favorite things are the custom jewelry, artwork, printables, engraved cutting boards, custom decals + stickers, and t-shirts with fun sayings. I could literally scroll through Etsy all day!

>> Note for success: Some of these custom orders take time, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time for delivery!

2. Dollar Tree: goodie Basket

This is my catch-all gift idea…and for good reason…it’s simple, cheap, and full of necessity-type items! A $10 or $15 budget goes a long way at Dollar Tree, which is why you can find me there around pretty much any-given holiday.

Grab a basket (they usually have several different shapes, sizes, + colors), walk around the store looking for items that your loved-one likes, could use, or you just think is super cute, and start filling that baby up! Think items like…office supplies, candles, puzzles, makeup, hair accessories, baking utensils, snacks, candy, and any other small items. Add some basket-fill paper stuffing or tissue paper and you’ve got yourself a frugal goodie basket.

3. Shutterfly: custom Photo items

I’m borderline obsessed with Shutterfly…there, I said it! I was super nervous the first time I ordered something from them, but I’ve always had a great experience with my purchases. They have a good variety of items to choose from like custom photo books, coffee mugs, calendars, phone covers, photo printed blankets, or you could go for the classic…4x6 printed photos (Grandmas love those!).

If go the Shutterfly route make sure you plan ahead to allow enough time for the cheapest shipping option…nobody on a budget wants to pay for 2-day shipping.

>>Note for success: Shutterfly usually has great discount codes through Ebates + Groupon, make sure to check before purchasing!

4. walmart: Bouquet of Flowers

If you’re loved-one lives close-by, I’d say skip the 1-800-flowers or other expensive flower shop and just grab a $5-$10 bouquet of fresh flowers from Walmart or a grocery store. I usually take it a step farther and put them in a $1 vase from Dollar Tree or an empty Mason Jar I have around the house, wrap some ribbon or tulle around it and call it a pretty bargain!

>>Note for success: If you do have to order flowers online shop around for deals through Ebates, Groupon, or simple Google Search before purchasing!

5. Lowes/Home Depot: Potted Plant

This was my favorite gift I bought from last year’s Mother’s Day for my Mother-in-law! Knowing that she naturally has a green-thumb, and that live plants are usually even cheaper than bouquets, I grabbed a small Peace Lily from Lowes for under $10. And I got bonus daughter-in-law points because it’s something she’s still enjoying a year later!

6. Hobby Lobby: DIY Project

With a quick Pinterest search for “Cheap Mother’s Day Crafts'“ you’ll have thousands of ideas at your finger tips. Hit up Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for just about any of your DIY projects. Everything from custom painted flower pots and homemade candles, to fleece tie blankets and scrap books, can be done on a tight budget.

>> Note for Success: Make sure to use an online coupon (Hobby Lobby offers 40% off any one item), shop the weekly sales if possible, + always check the clearance isles.

7. Groupon: local Activity

I used to be skeptical about the deals on Groupon, but man you can find some good deals on there! For Mother’s Day I’d search “Things To Do” or “Beauty + Spa” to find the perfect gift activity.

Obviously, each area will be different, but with just a quick search in Houston, for example, I found tons of great discounts. You could save 40% on two hours of bowling, 52% on a 60-minute massage, or 60% on a haircut.

You can easily search by zip code or city name to find the best deals near you!

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