My 2019 Goals: Turning Fear Into Trust

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I’ve spent the past few years on a complete life transformation journey, with decluttering + down-sizing (moving from a 5 bed, 2.5 bath, 3200 sq ft house to a 2 bed, 1 bath, 750 sq ft house), becoming debt free (paying off $490k of debt to now cash-flowing vehicles), stepping up my spiritual + mental health (from anxious + depressed to Bible reading + counseling), all while Homeschooling our 3 daughters, coaching in my online Budgeting Course, motivating thousands of women every week on A Sunny Side Up Life Podcast, + continuing to be a loving wife to my husband of 10 years.

In 2016 I declared it would be my Year of Less and we decluttered + knocked out debt like there was no tomorrow!

In 2017 I declared it would be my Year of Achievement and every aspect of my life grew like crazy! (Read my 2017 recap on the blog)

In 2018 I declared it would be my Year of Balance and I started treating my spiritual growth, mental health, + family-life like the top priorities that they should be! (Listen to my 2018 recap on the podcast)

…and now in 2019, I’m declaring this to be my Year of Trust where I plan to stop letting fear of failure and the unknown, as well as self-doubt, hold me back from what I know is my true potential.


Yep! My life is pretty full, but these past few years since I’ve started being more intentional it hasn’t really seemed that hard, because I’ve actually been focusing on the things that matter most and, in the words of Lara Casey, I’ve been “cultivating what matters”.

I’m sharing below the break down of my 2019 goals and how I plan to take my fears + self-doubt and flip them into a cultivated life full of faith + trust.

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Before I dig into my goals in detail, you should know that I kind of have a secret weapon when it comes to goal-setting…it’s The Powersheets! You can learn more about them in the resources linked below, but in short, The Powersheets are an intentional goal planner that help you dig into your biggest dreams and turn them into simple actionable goals.

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In the first section of The Powersheets I dug into things like: discovering who I really am, letting go of my past, meeting my fears head on, + focusing on what truly fires me up about my life. These sections were hard, I’m not going to sugar-coat that, but I knew that they were such a necessary part of the goal-setting process. And, even though I had to take lots of breaks in between prompts for my sanity’s sake, I still kept pushing forward even when it got hard.

As I waded through the mud + the muck that is the inside of my brain (#mombrain of almost 8 years), I noticed that I kept writing the words “fear”, “doubt”, “anxious”, + “unknown”. Ugh! Those are some big scary words, aren’t they!? I saw this trend emerging so I Google searched for antonyms of these words. Every. Single. Word. TRUST was an antonym to them! And that’s where my Year of Trust began! I knew that in order to overcome all of the things that I felt like had been holding me back I HAD to do the opposite!

I wrote, “My word for this year is trust because I don’t want to let the unknown control me. I will live by saying yes to believing in myself + having faith, and by saying no to anxiety + fear.”.

…and the rest is goal-setting history!

In the sections below I’ll be taking you inside my 2019 Powersheets with word-for-word quotes + raw fears, to show you real examples of how I took my fears and flipped them into trust statements that could get me one year closer to the ultimate big-picture vision that I have for my life. (Spoiler alert: that big vision doesn’t include a women who is full of anxiety or self-doubt!)

personal goals

Goal 1: Have my own identity

My Fear: “I fear that I will be lonely + depressed at the end of my life.”

This fear comes from a place of worrying that I’ll out-live my husband, my daughters will all be grown + have their own lives, and then I’ll have nothing left. I have this overwhelming fear that if I don’t cultivate my own identity outside of my roles as a wife + a mother that one day I’ll wake up and have no real life of my own.

My Trust Statement: “I trust that I can exist as my own person, not just as a wife + mother.”

5. Go to counseling
6. Spend time alone
7. Spend time with friends + sisters
8. Prioritize quiet time

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Grow into my own voice
2. Have fun
3. Find new hobbies
4. Watch TV, listen to podcasts,
+ read books


goal 2: grow + learn

My Fear: “I fear that I will never succeed to my own standards.”

This fear comes from feeling like the person I want to be, the goals I want to achieve, + the potential I want to reach are too far out of reach and therefore not realistically possible.

My Trust Statement: “I trust in my true potential.”

4. Develop new ideas
5. Grow my team
6. Expand on what’s possible

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Find new hobbies
2. Listen to podcasts + read books
3. Grow personally + in my business


Goal 3: healthy body/healthy mind

My Fear: “I fear that my mind + my body will betray me again.”

This fear comes as a remnant of the struggles I had in 2018 with my anxiety + depression getting to an overwhelming point that it took a physical toll on my body in the way of exhaustion + constant pain in my neck/ left shoulder.

My Trust Statement: “I trust that my body + my mind will carry me through my life.”

6. Eat good food (healthy + yummy)
7. Drink plenty of water
8. Enjoy fresh air
9. Challenge my mind
10. Rest my body

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Do a seasonal home purge
2. Have calm bedtimes
+ quiet mornings
3. Prioritize my quiet time to realign
4. Prioritize alone time to refresh
5. Have daily movement
(stretching or gentle exercise)

family goals

Goal 4: Strong Family

My Fear: “I fear our family will fall apart. I fear that I’ll fail the girls with their education. I fear that we’ll become another statistic.”

This fear comes from the overwhelming fact that as a wife, mother, + homeschool teacher I carry so much of the family responsibility on my shoulders at all times, and knowing that if I fail that I will let down my husband + my daughters.

My Trust Statement: “I trust in our future. I trust in true happiness. I trust in true love.”

4. Prioritize family time
5. Prioritize date nights + phone chats while Daniel is at work
6. Cultivate the love of home

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Cultivate strong + smart kids
2. Cultivate strong + happy parents
3. Encourage the girls’ growth in Dance Class + our Homeschool Group


goal 5: spend our days together

My Fear: “I fear our dreams will never become reality and we’ll just be
‘normal’ + ‘average’.”

This fear comes from a place of doubting our ability to retire Daniel at a young age from his off-shore job that keeps him away from home half of the year. It also comes from a place of doubting my ability to work from home successfully. As well as, doubting my ability to continue homeschooling our girls throughout high school. In other words, this is about me doubting that we’ll ever get to spend every single day together with Daniel home from the water, me working from home, + the girls doing school at home.

My Trust Statement: “I trust in our dreams actually coming true.”

4. Grow my business + our family’s empire
5. Manifest our big vision
6. Grow together

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Cultivate love of nature + home
2. Prioritize quality time
3. Save money + grow our net worth


goal 6: grow our net worth

My Fear: “I fear we will never succeed to our own standards or hit our goals.”

This fear comes from worrying that we will slip back into our old ways of handling our money, that we’ll get lazy, or somehow lose everything that we’ve worked so hard for.

My Trust Statement: “I trust in our potential + our vision.”

4. Cultivate a positive family mindset towards wealth + success
5. Improve our family’s time management
6. Be unapologetic with our success

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Save money + make more money
2. Grow my business + our family’s empire
3. Prioritize mine + Daniel’s personal growth

work goals

goal 7: build an empire

My Fear: “I fear my voice isn’t strong enough or unique enough to carry us to the level of success we desire.”

This fear comes from a place of self-doubt + a lack of worthiness.

My Trust Statement: “I trust myself with power + success.”

6. Develop new ideas
7. Grow the business through the podcast, products, + new students
8. Be unapologetic with our success
9. Grow my business team

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Change lives
2. Make money + save money
3. Grow in every aspect of my life
4. Develop my own unique voice
5. Reach new audiences with my message


goal 8: have a great team around me

My Fear: “I fear that I’m not a good enough leader to be a boss + grow my business team.”

This fear comes from a lack of trust in others + a need to “always” be in control of every detail of my life.

My Trust Statement: “I trust others with my dreams.”

5. Trust others
6. Manifest the right/best people
7. Be a strong leader

My 2019 Actionable Goals:
1. Ask for help
2. Spend the money
3. Increase our income
4. Work smarter, not harder

When I’m at the end of my life I want to have chased my dreams + have no regrets. I want to know that I lived a life of true success, which to me is defined as having lived in peace + joy, with a strong marriage, happy kids, an identity of my own, + with secure finances.

And, at the end of this year, I know that I will be one step closer to my version of success. I know that I will have cultivated what matters most in my life. I know that I will have made imperfect progress…because hey, I’m only human. I know that I will have grown in my personal life, my family life, + my work life. And most of all I know that I will not have wasted an entire year just waiting + wishing, instead I will look back on a year of growth + I will remember my Year of Trust!

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