4 things I used to think about budgeting

I remember a few years ago, back before this whole budgeting thing was apart of my life, I remember being completely lost financially. Our goals were "make it until payday" + "have enough leftover to eat"....that's about it. I had no idea how to budget or really even gave our money much more thought than "Yeah, the bills are paid.".

Back then I used to think a lot of untrue things about money...

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4 Things I Used to Think about Budgeting // When you're a budgeting beginner you might not really know what to think...I used to be the same way! So, in this episode I'm busting a few common myths about budgeting that I used to think were true.

1. I used to think living on a budget was a punishment 

I thought budgeting meant always living with a worksheet in my hand and never having fun again. Being restricted to only a specific amount of money for groceries seemed suffocating. Being limited on "fun money" seemed like a prison sentence. Basically....I used to think living on a budget was just about the least fun thing you could ever possibly do. Not true! Once I changed my mindset to look at budgeting and becoming debt free as a journey, and not as a punishment, everything changed for me and my family. I learned how to focus on what I was gaining, instead of focusing on what I was giving up.

2. I used to think that only certain people could be successful with money

I thought that maybe millionaires were just born with a stronger part of their brain that allowed them to be smart enough to be rich...or something crazy like that. I thought only doctors or lawyers or movie stars could be wealthy. I thought maybe you had to be a super nerd with no social life to save money. Couldn't be farther from the truth! Anyone can be good at handling their money if they make their mind up to be...your mindset is truly your biggest asset! It's just like any other habit...it might take some getting used to, and you might not be perfect at it every time, but it CAN be done!

3. I used to think budgeting was all about the numbers

I thought that the only important part of becoming financially successful was how well my budget was planned out. I thought my success hinged entirely on my head-knowledge. Nope, also not true! I had tried time and time again to whip our finances into shape, but something was different when I tried this last time, almost 3 years ago. This time I had learned how powerful a positive mindset could really be. It wasn't until I started leveraging the power of affirmations, prayer, and plain ol' positive thinking, that I started to become extremely successful with my family's budget.



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4. I used to think it would take forever to become debt free

I thought becoming debt free would probably never actually happen. I remember looking at that very first debt payoff plan and seeing that total amount of almost a-half-a-million dollars...and thinking, "Wow...this is going to literally take forever!". Completely not true! A friend once told me, "You can't stop time." In that moment I realized that time will pass one way or the other. In 3 years (or whatever your number is) you could be free...or you could still be right where you are now. It's up to you! Time doesn’t care what you do, it’s going to pass one way or the other, so you might as well do something productive with that time.

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