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Debt is the section that everyone tries to avoid. However, when you’re debt free you’ll feel the biggest sense of freedom!
Tracking your debt payoff + being able to visualize the progress can do wonders for your motivation!
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Debt Payoff tips

  • Write out all of your debts from smallest to largest
    • Don’t worry about interest rates or monthly payments, the idea here is to build momentum by eliminating as many debt items as possible, as quickly as possible.
    • Start throwing every extra dollar at your smallest debt (only pay the minimums on the larger items for now) until that smallest debt is gone forever!
    • Move on to the second smallest debt, and so on, until everything is paid off!
  • Use your money leftover after your Bills + your Spending to pay off your debt as quickly as possible
    • Look for ways to lower your Bills + Spending!
    • Remember that every dollar you cut back in your bills and spending is one dollar closer to your debt free goals!
  • Don’t get discouraged
    • This process could take a few months or even a few years.
    • Take steps to stay motivated!
    • Paying off your debt = financial freedom!

Overwhelmed with your debt + don't know where to start?