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Control Your Crazy works on identifying where you’re treading water in life and gives you the skills and resources to get out of survival mode. After all, a life is meant to be lived - not merely survived!

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This course is broken down into
5 easy-to-follow sections:

  • Control Your Day with Time Management

  • Control Your Dreams with Goal Setting

  • Control Your Money with Budgeting

  • Control Your Mindset with Positive Thinking

  • Control Your Home with Minimalism

Each of these topics are included with YOUR sanity
in mind!

PLUS I’ve included a Workbook, Bonus Resources, an extended replay of the Day One Workshop, and lots of Encouragement along the way!

We have all felt it - the chaos that surrounds our lives in each season. There are never-ending responsibilities and requirements, and it seems that all too often, we are running on empty. If you feel like this - I have good news: This course was designed for YOU.

Together we’ll set up simple actionable solutions for the 5 main areas of your life.

who is your coach?

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Sami Womack is the brains behind A Sunny Side Up Life. Her weekly podcast has been downloaded over 70,000 times, and her story has been featured on The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza, The His & Her Money Show, and The Mother Like A Boss Podcast. When she’s not downing caramel coffee and rocking a little girl on her hip (literally), she’s creating content, collaborating with finance/minimalist organizations, and inspiring women all over the world to live an intentional life.

She began this journey with her high school sweetheart, Daniel, and a debt price tag of $490,000. They both took control of their families finances by downsizing, budgeting, and changing habits. From this experience, A Sunny Side Up Life was born.

what is a sunny side up life?

A sunny side up life is an abundant life full of
freedom + positivity!

It's about breaking free from survival mode, overcoming depression, gaining financial freedom, staying motivated, + focusing on what matters most.

A sunny side up life started as a heart project for me, and now has become a movement for women from all over the world who are joining together to start living the on the brighter side of life!