Christmas on a budget

All of my favorite resources for staying on budget this holiday season!

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In a society that loves to flash their material possessions on social media, the comparison game can be really hard…especially when you’re on a debt-free journey…and even more, if you’re a parent!

One of the hardest aspects of our debt-free journey was trying to raise our kids through it. Although it was hard, it wasn’t impossible! I’m sharing my best words of advice + encouragement on how to break free from the Keeping Up With The Jones mentality…from the perspective of a parent.

Spending money while you’re on a debt-free journey or just simply living on a budget can be a touchy subject! And it seems that the Holiday Seasons only amplify the anti-shopping talk all over social media.

I'm sharing about why I choose to shop for Christmas with a heart full of gratitude instead of mind full of guilt. I'll also explain why budgeting, especially at this time of year, should bring you freedom, and how to create that freedom for yourself.

The Holiday Season can easily be the most expensive time of year, and if not done intentionally, it could quickly break your budget! Heidi Nash from Debt Free Charts + I sat down to share a few of our favorite tips on how to get creative with the Holiday Season. We shared some budget-friendly gift ideas, where to find some extra money, + how to step up your savings game. Plus, I got to ask Heidi all about how she started Debt Free Charts + what it’s like to a part of so many people’s financial journeys!