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Welcome to Your Sunny Money Method's Affiliate Network Archives! I'm so excited to have you on board as an affiliate! I'm all about sharing the love on your social media accounts, blog, website, or with your email I wanted to share with you a few pieces of content to help get you started! However, feel free to come up with your own original content + graphics if you'd rather.

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Earn Money

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 40% on every Your Sunny Money Method student's registration through your your audience will receive an exclusive $10 off coupon! Teachable (my course platform) takes care of all the back-end tracking, reporting, + payment...all you have to do is make sure you have a working/linked PayPal account.


  • Sale Commission: 40% from each new student

  • Regular Enrollment Price: $87

  • Your Audience’s Enrollment Price: $77 (after exclusive $10 off coupon link you give them)

  • Earned Amount: $30.80 from each new student through your link (not including sale prices)

  • Cookies: 30 days

Sales Copy

A simple approach to your family's budget

There's no magic trick to organizing your family's budget....but there is a short cut!

We'll get your budget set up in just 30 days!

  • No need to spend years wondering where to start
    + what to do

  • No more shifting through endless overwhelming "freebie" advice

  • 14 Digital/Printable Worksheets

  • Short actionable lessons + no fluff

  • Affordable enrollment fee

  • Realistic advice

  • Life-time access

  • Money back guarantee

In Your Sunny Money Method we'll work together on:

  • How to set up a solid foundation for your budget

  • How to shift your money mindset

  • How to find your ideal organization style

  • How to prioritize your money on payday

  • How to cut back your expenses

  • How to tell every dollar where to go

  • How to create an actionable plan to pay off debt

  • How set + achieve your financial goals

The course includes:

Foundation Module: 10 Lessons on the why behind your budget

Organization Module: 20 Lessons on how to set up your budget

Recorded Workshops: free access to all of my recorded live workshops

Bonus Module: exclusive live group coaching, bonus resources, tech tutorials, + more


*Feel free to use any wording or info from my Your Sunny Money Method sales page!

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Social Media scripts

My friend Sami has spent the last 3 years trying + testing all of the best budgeting methods to get her family out of some serious debt.
Now, she spends her time coaching other moms through their families' budgets!
Living on a budget doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated, it just simply means that you’re intentional with your money. 
If you're ready to get your budget under control then I'd love for you to check out this amazing budgeting resource + enjoy an exclusive $10 off coupon code just for my audience! [insert affiliate link]


There's no magic trick to organizing your family's budget...but there is a short cut!

My friend Sami's course, Your Sunny Money Method, is a simple approach to your family's budget. She'll work with you through the why + how of gaining financial freedom.

Get your budget set up in just 30 days! No need to spend years wondering where to start + what to do...take advantage of all of Sami's shortcuts!

-Short actionable lessons + no fluff
-Affordable enrollment fee
-Realistic advice
-Life-time access
-Money back guarantee
Want to join ladies from all over the world who have decided to get intentional with their family's budget? Enroll now + save $10 with my exclusive coupon code! 
Learn more here: [insert affiliate link]


Thanks to Your Sunny Money Method my family was able to (insert personal results here)!

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Join me in this awesome budgeting course today + save $10 through my exclusive link: [insert affiliate link]


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Blog Post Prompts

1. Review of the course with your main takeaways

2. Step-by-step guide to simplifying your family's life with gaining control of your money, setting up your budget, or working towards financial freedom as one of the steps 

3. Included in a list of great budgeting/personal finance tools

4. Share your own personal story + how Your Sunny Money Method helped you 

5. Interview with me

6. Guest post written by me + shared on your blog

Check out these great examples from + 

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Interview Inspirations

  • Facebook live

  • Joint venture webinar

  • Podcast

  • Recorded video

  • Written

I'd love to help you spread the word to your audience through any of these mediums. I could simply tell my story, give your audience some simple actionable tips for getting started, do a Q+A, or a combination of those! 

Check out this great Facebook Live example from Allie Casazza-Intentional Motherhood

Check out these great Podcast examples from The Purposeful Home PodcastThe Indwelt Women Podcast

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