What's a sunny side up life mean?

A sunny side up life is an abundant life full of freedom + positivity!

It's about breaking free from survival mode, overcoming depression, gaining financial freedom, staying motivated, focusing on what matters most...and just simply living on the brighter side of life! A sunny side up life is not only a heart project of mine...it's become a movement!

Women all over the world are joining together to start living the best versions of their lives now! 

My Family's Story 

Daniel, Izzy, June, Melanie, + Sami Womack

Daniel, Izzy, June, Melanie, + Sami Womack

I once sat right where you're sitting! Late one night, I sat at my computer...my kids were asleep and my husband was at work...and I googled with tears in my eyes and desperation in my heart. My hands shook as I searched for help! ...it was one of those moments when you use your last breath to scream for help. Things weren't looking very good for my little family. I sat there, in my 3,000 square foot gorgeous house, with a practically new vehicle in the driveway, a wallet full of plastic, an amazing husband hard-working husband, and (at the time) two beautiful daughters. I sat there with this seemingly perfect life that was quickly crumbling behind-the-scenes. We were drowning. Life was moving too fast. We couldn't keep up, and we didn't know how to change it.

Here we were with this beautiful life that we had been dreaming of since High School (yes, we started dating really young), and we couldn't pay for it. Every month our account would go negative farther and farther away from payday...sometimes even a week before. My husband was growing tired of working with nothing to show for it, and with no end in sight. The stress was starting to weigh on our marriage and was starting to push me farther into a depression that a miscarriage and a failed business had already started.

So there I sat...I researched budgeting all night that night. I called my husband at work and told him that this time things were going to be different! I'm not sure if he believed me, because we'd tried to change lots of times before, but I knew in my heart that God was leading me to something epic! 

I started by looking back over our bank records from the past 3 months, and honestly I was sick to my stomach to see how much money we had been wasting....$800 on restaurants on average each month...insanity! We tracked our spending and tried to keep our grocery budget low for the next 3 months. Then, I finally got brave enough to total up our debt at the end of January 2015...our total came out just above $470,000! This was 2 houses (our home + a rent house), a piece of commercial real estate I bought for my now failed business, a few credit cards, some medical bills, and 3 years worth of property taxes. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach! ...but I was determined to change, so we paid off the 3 smallest debts that day! About a month passed, and we were super motivated by this point, and then we got the biggest surprise of our lives...we were pregnant again! So, tack on our newest daughter, Melanie's medical bills, and some IRS debt that we weren't aware of...and that brought our grand total up to $490,000!
...close enough that we just called it half-a-million dollars. 

So with our income tax refund and cutting back our spending significantly, over the next 4 months we were able to knock out about $7,300 of that debt. After that, we stockpiled every extra dollar to put towards Melanie's medical bills after she was born. By the time we were a year into our journey we had paid off $31,000 of our debt. Then, in April of 2016 we sold our commercial property! We took the money from that sale and finished off another $9,000 worth of credit card debt, and also paid off the remaining $68,000 balance of that property.

We took the rest of the left over money from the sale of the commercial property and set back a 5 month emergency fund ($20,000) + finally bought our family a second vehicle in cash ($13,000)! 

Since then we've continued to live on about 65% of our income and save the other 35%. This lifestyle has allowed us to cash flow some awesome adventures + vacations! And most recently we were finally able to buy our first "toy" since starting our journey...a family boat! 

In April 2017 we were able to sell our rent house + knock out another $99k of debt! Then, finally in January 2018, we sold our home and become 100% debt free! Bringing our total pay off to $490,000 in less than 4 years!

Although it was hard to change our lifestyle and our mindset towards money....the benefits of this new life more than out way the sacrifices we've had to make. 

It's not about what you're giving up
...it's about what you're gaining! 

Yes, we did give up a few things like eating at restaurants regularly, grabbing quick snacks at a gas station, impulse buying junk at Target, over buying new clothes, going out of town every other weekend, and other silly things like that...but what we've gained is a savings account, memory making adventures, the ability to pay for our daughters' college, plans for my husband to retire in his 40s, and most of all...we've gained our freedom! 

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What do want most out of life? What's your "why"?

...these little faces are my "why"! 

Melanie, Izabell, + June

Melanie, Izabell, + June

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Ready to do this Financial Freedom thing for real? 

Now that my family has been able to gain financial freedom, I want to help your family do the same! 

Let's work together to get your budget set up in the next 30 days!

No need to spend years wondering where to start + what to do...let me share my short cuts with you! 


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