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Becoming a member of my affiliate program is a great opportunity for earning extra income! As a thank you for helping me spread the message of budgeting I offer an affiliate link to all of my Your Sunny Money Method course students! It's a great way to help others learn about getting intentional with their money all while earning some extra money for your family! 

Want to do an interview?

I'm always happy to tell our family's story of how we crawled out from under $490k of debt...all while raising 3 girls, homeschooling, embarking on a minimalism journey + maintaining a strong marriage. If you have an awesome podcast or Facebook Live that you'd like me to appear on then send me an email! 

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Need a guest post?

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I love to share my story with as many women + families as I can! If you have a blog or social media audience that you'd like to have learn more about budgeting from a wife + mother's perspective then I'm your girl! 

If you feature one of my articles I'll even re-post it on all of my social sites for my own audience to enjoy! 

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Want to do a Joint venture webinar?

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I love live webinars + workshops...especially when I get to reach out to new audiences! If you have a webinar idea in mind that you think I'd be a good partner for then let me know! 

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I love crazy brilliant ideas! If you have something you're working on that you think I'd be a great match for then don't hesitate to reach out to me! 

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