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One of the biggest factors in your success is surrounding yourself with positivity + inspiration.  

I wanted to recommend some resources that I love + that have helped me throughout my own journey. 

Everything you'll find below I have tried + love!

Check out some of my favorite books, courses, websites, online stores, products, + more!


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Books I love



Positive Living:

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Courses I love

Your Uncluttered Home by Allie Casazza

Ready to get intentional with your home? 

I have personally taken this course + credit it for basically saving my motherhood! It's life altering!
See my video testimonial below! 



  • If you feel like you're stuck in survival mode...
  • If the mundane parts of motherhood have taken over...
  • If every time you get something clean someone is making a mess behind you...
  • If you’ve tried to get organized a thousand times, but it always comes undone within a few days...

    Then you're about to discover what you've been waiting your entire #momlife for...

Your Uncluttered Home will walk you through the same process that me + thousands of other women just like you have gone through to simplify their homes and transform their lives.


Cashing in on Couponing Course by Tasha Whitmore

Ready to save money?

The Frugal Fit Girl's Guide to saving 30-50% or MORE on your weekly groceries through couponing.

I have personally taken this course + highly recommend it for finding some extra money in your budget!


  • Maybe you've wanted to learn how to coupon but simply don't know where to start...
  • Maybe the thought of clipping coupons and spending hours each week running store to store leaves you feeling frustrated...
  • Maybe you've tried to coupon before but just found it confusing and overwhelming... I get it!

When I first started to coupon, I was right where you are; feeling lost and overwhelmed by how much there was too learn, how hard it was to find all of the answers, and how impossible the time commitment felt.
...but what if there was a better way???

  • Imagine if you could save hundreds...even thousands each year on your groceries and household items; freeing up money in your budget to pay off debt, save for the future, or take a great vacation.
  • Imagine if you could create your grocery list and find coupons in minutes, not hours each week.
  • Imagine if you could save money on healthy, real foods and name brand household items that your family needs.

Cashing in on Couponing is a 4 module course filled with over 20 lessons!

Websites + Blogs I love

Click the gold links to check them out for yourself! (Motherhood, Minimalism + Intentional Living) (Budgeting Advice + Healthy Living Motivation) (Minimalism) (Budgeting Advice)
The Dave Ramsey Show (Radio Show, airs for 3 hours every weekday)

Facebook Groups I love

Click the gold links to check them out for yourself! 

A Sunny Side Up Life Community (Positive Living Community for women wanting to take control of their lives)
Purposeful MomLife with Allie Casazza (Mom Life + Intentional Living + Minimalism)
Dave Ramsey-Budgeting (Budgeting for only Dave Ramsey followers)
The Miracle Morning Community (Created by the author of The Miracle Morning, Support Group for early risers)

online Stores I love

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Amazon (Books + Gifts)
Target (Birthday/Christmas Gifts + Clothes)
H&M (My Clothes + Kids Clothes)
Old Navy (My Clothes + Kids Clothes)
Dollar Tree (Birthday Decorations + Goodie Basket Items for Gifts)

discount sites I love 

Click the gold links to save for yourself! (Rebates + Digital Savings) (Discounted Gift Cards) 

Products I love

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Roku (Alternative to TV service)

I hope the resources mentioned above help you as you continue on your journey to financial freedom! 


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links above, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. Read our disclaimer here.